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En ookal zou ik als eerste niet snel voor bruin tinten kiezen ben ik er helemaal weg van! Helemaal in mijn nopjes! Ya estamos en la cuenta regresiva y seguimos tejiendo a mil por hora. Combine crochet and textile bohogram crochetboho instacrocheting instaglamour instachic crochetgram whitecrochet fashionmagazines crochetglam crochetluxury luxurylifestyle bohofashionstyle bohoworld.

I should have it finished in the next day or two. In the meantime, check out Anastasia journeychaneldesigns for more beautiful patterns! Yarn: yarnbeesugarwheelcotton.


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Details of the mint crochet summer top. Handmade from high quality mercerised cotton. My bag design in Vogue Knitting Crochet, If you want the patten you may find a copy of this issue, but you can also see it on Ravelry at Vogue Knitting. Look me up on Ravelry my ID is maryjane 2. This is the makeanddocrew streetfaircrochetbohopurse I made it using caroncottoncakes. Os dois Blusinha ciganinha da Sophia entregue! Super apaixonada pelo resultado E agora ela pode ser usada solta ou amarrada na barra Muito amor em cada pontinho E o embrulho de tecido Comprei bastante!

Obrigada pela visita e pelo carinho! To wear it with an edge tied or not? Sophia's top delivered! Super in love with the results And now it can be worn loose or tied in the edge With a cute edging, elastic band, needle to switch the drawstring, removable tassel, and a new freebie: A flower keychain that can be used on the hair With lots of love in each stitch And the wrapping fabric Flowers too loved it, I bought a lot of it! Enjoy your vacation with crochet pieces and sweep the board! Thanks for the visit and for the love!

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Boa tarde, pessoal! This is my sweet granddaughter, Jade at about age 3, wearing the child size version of my Fishnet Sweater. She's 18 now! It feels SO incredibly good to be to this point in the design process! This tank top still needs a name! Drop your suggestions below. Volareeee ohh ohhh cantaree crochet crochetando crocheting crochettop tomorrowland herewego crochetvibes handmade hechoamano ravelry etsy raverlife turquoise butterflies bookofwisdom fly smile girlgang crochetfestival crochetgirlgang crochetboho crochetlover crochetcostume.

I would love to see Your project that You used the leftover yarn to create. Have you guys missed seeing me working on awesome patterns? Well I know I haven't shown many new things as of lately, but don't be fooled! I am over here working night and morning writing all these wonderful meadow patterns. Another fun top done and heading out Well, you do not deserve this! On the contrary, you deserve that I share everything until the end because you are part of my motivation: to continue writing and making, post after post … word after word.

But at one point there I was afraid of sharing. Not everyone uses the content I expose here in the same way. The challenges of writing a blog are immense especially when we share something we love to do from the bottom of our hearts. I tend to see others as equals, which is a very unrealistic way of seeing life. There are people who encourage us and wish us the best, just as there are those who can not respect these forces: copycats and trolls are a constant on the internet and there are already an endless number of more or less intense content about this subject.

Writing about this subject could become a depressing post on a real subject and motivated by a gorgeous project! I decided to write about it because what inhibited me was not a copycat at least not in its virtual version or a troll at least not in its virtual version…. It was much closer than that… And it is much more difficult when it comes from someone we know and who tries by all chances, any chances, to replace us in the lives of our people, those who live in our heart, in what we do and generously share.

I realized that I was naked for having given so much of myself. The beautiful small flowers I had sowed in my garden were being gutted off when they could be here for all to enjoy. I never bought flowers again. This experience left me perplexed over so many of you who, many without even knowing me, give me such significant positive support. Sometimes some distance is absolutely indispensable and what I felt at a certain point was that I needed, among all the blog projects, at least one that was mine.

DIY Bolsa saco em crochê (crochet bucket bag)

Only mine, that I could have in my lap, to cover me, to dress me. So I decided to save my Nature Journal for myself. That is why I decided that I wanted to show you my complete and finished Nature Journal. This was a project with a lot of power over me: resilience, diligence, sensitivity and learning. That praised my respect for nature, for life in any form, my vital ability to contemplate and learn, to create, with my own hands what no one else can do for me.

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Thank you to those who follow me for good reasons: those who rock me in the same lullaby. For the rest I have nothing to offer.

Here is my Nature Journal of , with one page a week revealing the best of my days, despite everything that has gone on. Continue Reading. May 3, No Comments. Do you remember my handmade notebooks? You can register until May 23rd through the email arvorecomalma gmail. We will produce an A6 size notebook, cross stitched, with pages of 90g, perfect for writing and drawing with various types of materials such as graphite, colored pencils, ballpoint pens or permanent ink pens!

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An ideal hand-made notebook to write or plan your next handmade experiences! April 22, No Comments. April 2, No Comments. Lembram-se deste post? Logo depois chegou o momento de trabalhar a aguarela. Mas e eu? Ora, a certa altura eu estava com menos tempo para pintar e algo desmotivada.

Do you remember this post? My experience with gouache was fascinating.

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  2. Soins de confort et de bien-être - Soins relationnels - Soins palliatifs et de fin de vie: Unités denseignements 4.1, 4.2, 4.7 (French Edition).
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  4. However, I understood that I enjoy working gouache in certain situations and I believe that for illustrators it can be a very interesting experience. Soon after, it was time to work with watercolour. As usual, with the watercolour, I was not expecting anything else… I just did not know exactly what to expect!

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    I already knew some techniques from the work I have done before so, at first I was somewhat disappointed with what I was learning. And watching them progress was fascinating. Looking at their work and seeing in their faces the expression of discovery was, by itself, a great experience. But what about me? For some time I did not see myself walking at the same pace, even though I discovered new ways of painting, new techniques. Well, this was one thing. The other thing was that, at one point I had less time to paint. I wanted more but I was not having the moments of dedication that justified my demand.

    So, on a rainy Saturday afternoon, I sketched a series of exercises, took my stuff and went to paint to a coffee shop. I spent the entire afternoon immersed in coffee, watercolours, podcasts and toast with jam. After spending almost three hours painting I realized the progress I had made: first of all I had never before thought that sometimes it takes a warm-up time to make it work, a determination or openness for several hours of dedication, a free environment and a good light to detect progress.

    That makes it necessary to work at home. That experience showed me that, after the basic knowledge, the first discovery, we must be inclined, predisposed to know more. And, taking the risk of disappointing you with what looks like an old cliche, the only thing we can do to evolve from that point on is to paint, paint, paint. Do not forget the doubts about your last piece and try them on the next, minutes later. Do not let them cool in the space that goes between paintings.